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Web Application Firewall

Why is WAF required?

As a website or application owner, securing your assets is vital. With a Web Application Firewall (WAF), you can protect your website or application from attacks by filtering harmful requests and enforcing security policies. A WAF sits between your web app and internet traffic, ensuring that incoming traffic is monitored and checked for security risks. A WAF helps you comply with data privacy regulations, protects your customers' personal data, and shields your business from reputational and financial harm in the event of a data breach. By investing in a WAF, you'll add an extra layer of protection to your security infrastructure.

WAF in-line with Next-Gen Firewall

The distinction between application-level firewalls (WAFs) and network-level firewalls centers on their targeted security layers within the OSI model. WAFs, situated at Layer 7, defend against threats like SQL injection and URL attacks in applications such as Ajax and JavaScript, focusing on HTTP and HTTPS protocols vital for web connections.

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