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NewGig’s Email Security Solutions protect digital correspondence from cyber threats, ensuring privacy and security. Our innovative technology and expertise safeguard against hackers, phishing scams, and malware. Maintain peace of mind and focus on your business with comprehensive protection. Elevate your email security strategy with NewGig’s cutting-edge solutions. Contact us today.

Email Security

Advanced Phishing Protection

Elevate your email security with NewGig’s cutting-edge phishing protection. Our solution employs intelligent algorithms and real-time analysis to identify and neutralize phishing attempts, safeguarding your organization from deceptive threats.

  • Dynamic Link Analysis
  • Email Authentication
  • Machine Learning
  • User Education

URL Click Protection

Shield your organization from malicious URLs with NewGig’s URL click protection. Our solution inspects and validates URLs in real-time, preventing users from accessing harmful websites through email links.
  • URL Inspection
  • Link Verification
  • Safe Redirects
  • User Warnings

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Ensure confidential information stays secure with NewGig’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) feature. Our solution monitors and prevents the unauthorized transmission of sensitive data through email, mitigating data breaches.

  • Content Scanning
  • Policy Enforcement
  • Encryption
  • Incident Monitoring

Advanced Threat Sandboxing

Defend against sophisticated threats with NewGig’s advanced sandboxing technology. Our solution isolates suspicious attachments and URLs in a secure environment for thorough analysis, preventing malicious content from reaching your network.

  • Attachment Analysis
  • URL Inspection
  • Behavior Analysis
  • Zero-Day Protection

Protect your email with advanced security and support. Contact us now for details.

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