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Want to tackle network congestion

while keeping budget?


SD-WAN is at the rescue, becoming the new standard and businesses are moving away from typical MPLS solutions. NewGig has expertise in setting up the SD-WAN while making sure that security is not compromised.

Email Attacks

Can you imagine your organization

running without emails?


NewGig can help place a Secure email gateway so you can protect your business from phishing, spearhead, and spam attacks.

Next Gen Firewall

Who does not love firewalls?



Firewalls help you prevent attackers from entering the organization. NewGig specializes in Next-generations firewall installs and management that help businesses not only protect the perimeter but also internal segmentation.

Endpoint Protection

Having hard time fortifing

your endpoints?


Today, basic endpoint protection is not good enough against modern attacks. Endpoints need to be timely patched. NewGig can help you integrate these multiple solutions and make complex security easier.

Remote Access

Struggling with providing Secure

Remote Access?


NewGig, through our 6D process, has installed Secure VPN solutions that will not only provide a better secure connection but also enforce security policy on corporate devices while users are not on the VPN.

Web Applicaiton Firewall

Would like to make sure your web app

is protected?


Malware or malicious traffic can be sent without getting noticed through the Internet. Hence, it is extremely important to put proper measures in place to put enforcement on web traffic. Contact us today and find out how you can achieve this.


Looking for Centralized logging and

Event Management?

SIEM is essential as it centralizes, analyzes, and interprets diverse security data to detect threats, facilitate rapid incident response, ensure compliance, and proactively manage risks within an organization's IT infrastructure traffic. Contact us today and find out how you can achieve this.

Vulnerbility Scanning

What are these Scans everybody

is talking about?


Vulnerability scanning is crucial as it systematically identifies and assesses weaknesses within an organization's network, applications, and systems to preemptively detect potential entry points for cyber threats and proactively mitigate security risks. Reach out to us and we will help run this security scans.

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