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Penetration Testing ( Pen-testing )

Fortifying you defenses

Our adept team of professionals leverages avant-garde techniques to meticulously identify weaknesses within your systems. We leave no stone unturned, meticulously probing every digital nook and cranny to expose latent vulnerabilities. By partnering with NewGig, you're not only shielding your operations from potential breaches, but also gaining a trusted ally committed to elevating your security posture.

Realistic Simulations​

Penetration tests simulate real-world attack scenarios, mimicking the techniques and tactics that actual hackers might use to breach a system.

Comprehensive Testing

Penetration tests cover a wide range of attack vectors, including network vulnerabilities, application weaknesses, social engineering, physical security, and more.

Prioritizing the Risks

Detected vulnerabilities are often ranked based on severity, potential impact, and exploitability, helping organizations prioritize remediation efforts.

Management Reporting​

Penetration test results are typically presented in comprehensive reports that include identified vulnerabilities, their potential impact.

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