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Incident Response Planning

Incident Response Planning

NewGig's Incident Response Planning ensures your readiness to counteract cyber threats. Our adept team formulates meticulous strategies, enabling you to swiftly navigate and mitigate breaches. With tailored protocols and continuous refinement, we empower you to maintain control, minimize damage, and recover with resilience.

Key Features Of Our Services

Preparation & Documentation

Defining specific roles and responsibilities for incident responders, communication coordinators, legal representatives, and management.

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Classification and Prioritization

Creating a matrix that assigns severity levels to incidents based on impact, likelihood, and potential harm.

Identification and Detection

Setting up automated alerts triggered by suspicious activities or anomalies detected by security monitoring tools.

Communication and Reporting

Establishing clear escalation paths for notifying senior management and decision-makers during critical incidents

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Why Choose us!

Experience that makes the difference

We are a trusted and specialized Security Service Provider for individuals and businesses, with highly experienced and professional cybersecurity experts. We have completed several projects that have proven to bring better security to our clientele. Our customizable solutions, including 24x7, 8x5, and multi-language support, cater to specific client needs. We use state-of-the-art technology and best industry practices to secure and protect data at all times.

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